Caution: Before preparing poppy seed tea, please check the legalities of doing so in your country/region, as it may be illegal.

Poppy seed tea is made from the seeds of the opium poppy. Because of this, they contain many of the health benefits associated with opiates, but also the dangers as well. There are ways to lessen the amount of the dangerous elements with poppy seed tea, but it is still recommended that it is used only in small amounts to avoid serious health issues as well as addiction.

Poppy seed tea is known to produce a euphoric effect when taken and in some cases even produces hallucinations. Care should also be taken because being that it is derived from the opium poppy, poppy seed tea can actually lead to positive drug screenings, which could cost one their job or even their freedom depending on the rules and regulations of their employer as well as their government.

How Poppy Seed Tea Can Be Beneficial

Due to the psychoactive nature of poppy seed tea, it can be used to eliminate anxiety and manage stress. Additionally, poppy seed tea acts as a sedative and does cause drowsiness, so it can be used as a sleep aid. It has also been known to be an effective treatment for diarrhea. Finally, being that it is an opiate, poppy seed tea is quite effective as a pain reliever, although one must be careful not to become too dependent upon it.

Poppy seed tea also has some nutritional value. It is a good source of several vitamins and minerals. Vitamins E and C as well as thiamin, riboflavin, pyridoxine, niacin, panthothenic acid, fiber, and protein are all nutrients found within poppy seed tea.

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The Dangers Of Poppy Seed Tea

Being an opiate, poppy seed tea can be quite addictive if consumed to frequently. Using it in moderation, as well as taking care to reduce the amount of dangerous chemicals contained in the seeds prior to making the tea, can help to avoid addiction as well as other health complications. The biggest danger with poppy seed tea is death. Being that it is an opiate, it is quite possible to overdose. Again, moderation is the key. With moderation, poppy seed tea can be used safely.

How To Make Poppy Seed Tea

Poppy Seed Tea

To make poppy seed tea boil the desired amount of water and then add the seeds to the boiling water. Allow the seeds to steep for about twenty minutes before straining the seeds from the liquid. Many people add lemon or lime juice to not only add flavor but also to acidify the tea, increasing the benefits.

As mentioned earlier, there is a way to remove some of the opiates and thus some of the dangers from poppy seed tea as well. To do this, one must thoroughly wash the seeds prior to making the tea. If one were to buy the seeds commercially, they will have already been washed, and this step can be skipped.

Although it has its dangers, poppy seed tea can be a nutritional and medicinally beneficial brew if prepared properly and used in moderation.

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