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Borage Tea Benefits

  • December 17th, 2014

The borago officinalis is an annual herb that is native to the Mediterranean and is found in various locations around the globe. It is commonly called borage and is also known by the name […]

Boldo Tea Benefits

  • December 14th, 2014

The boldo shrub is native to central Chile and Peru and the leaves from the plant have been used for centuries in folk medicine. As the leaves contain many phytochemicals, including boldine, camphor, limonene, […]

Blackberry Tea Benefits

  • December 11th, 2014

Blackberries are a favourite treat around the globe and are most often used in jams, pies and a variety of other dessert dishes. This is primarily due to the pleasing taste of the berries […]

Birch Bark Tea Benefits

  • December 8th, 2014

White birch, known more formally as betula pendula, is a tree native to northern Europe and North America. The bark of the tree, as well as the leaves and buds, are commonly used in […]